Bromeliad Picture Index

Are you a lover of bromeliads? Well, different bromeliads are uniquely interesting. With their different colors and shapes, they provide unique beauty. There are over 3170 species of bromeliads, modern bred cultivars and hybrids that do well in natural habitats and artificially modified conditions. Bromeliads are majorly used for beauty and food, especially the pineapple which is well known. The increased demand and need for bromeliads has led to the establishment of various bromeliad picture indexes by commercial bromeliad dealers and bromeliad societies.


A bromeliad picture index simply provides information on bromeliads although the picture is most emphasized. Different bromeliad picture indexes are categorized according to the genera which are natural and the bigenera which are artificially modified. They also provide information on the different flowering properties, the growing characteristics and how they should be taken care of. Information on the insects that prominently visit specified bromeliads is also given and how to handle some insects and pests that could be harmful. Bromeliad picture indexes also organize shows and exhibitions. Below is a picture of the bromeliad Ananas comosus.

There are several benefits offered by various bromeliad picture indexes. On joining and becoming a member, you stand to benefit from the regular updates provided on new cultivars and hybrids as well as their pictures. Bromeliad pictures and wallpapers can be acquired free. The actual bromeliads for growth may also be obtained on mail order or online. They are easy to tend and grow.